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Our Mission

The mission of a church is the primary assignment of that church. NWBC’s mission is to lead people to Jesus, to lift believers up in Jesus, and to love & live for Jesus.

Our church’s mission is simply the great commission & great commandments applied in a brief statement. We are declaring that both making disciple-makers & disciple-shapers of Jesus along with loving God & loving others as Jesus did is our only concentration as a church.

This is why we exist as a church, to lead, lift, love, & live all for Jesus! 

Our Core Values

These core values are our foundational pillars for all we will do as a church in the pursuit of us fulfilling our mission. They are meant to express what will keep us on target properly.​

  • We will do church biblically.

    • Everything we do, or will do, and why, will be grounded in Scripture and centered on the Gospel.

  • We will do church as discipleship.

    • ​We view and do everything through the lens of discipleship because in all things we are striving to become more like Jesus and help others to become more like Jesus.

  • We will do church simplistically.

    • We keep things simple—as least complicated & complex as possible—so we can focus more on what’s most important.

  • We will do church excellently.

    • Whatever we do, we will do as unto our Lord, which means it should never be anything less than our best effort—not perfection.

  • We will do church collaboratively.

    • We work/serve with other ministries & teams within our church for the mission of our church and work/serve with other churches, ministries, organizations, and so on for the mission of Jesus.

  • We will do church as a family. 

    • We’re always seeking to engage with, become close with, eat with, serve with, have fun with, support & care for, and so on with each other.

  • We will do church graciously.

    • We remember that we are constantly & desperately in need of God’s grace, so we will seek to extend that same grace to others, whether in the right, wrong, or gray. 

  • We will do church Spirit-led & Christ-reflecting.

    • In whatever we are doing, we will be cognizant of following the leading of the Holy Spirit and reflecting the heart & character of Jesus.

Our Beliefs

NWBC has chosen to affiliate itself with the Southern Baptist Convention. Therefore, our statement of faith is in agreement with the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.

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