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Youth @ Northwest


We call our youth ministry (6th-12th), "Youth Ready!" because our focus is to get these young people...

..ready for life

..ready in their faith

..ready to overcome

..ready to be used by God

So on Wednesdays at 6:30pm during the school year (Sept-June), we fellowship together, we worship together, we pray together, and we study the Bible together in a way to "ready youth in Christ and in life". Then, some Wednesdays, we switch things up.

We also have periodic events throughout the school year, normally on the weekends.

During the Summer (June-Aug), we have several youth events on weekdays and weekends to stay engaged.

If you're a youth or parent and you want to get on our email list to receive updates, please email

ILLUMINATE - Sunday Morning Youth Group

Sundays immediately following the Worship Service.

We're aware of how much the world is bombarding our youth with adult content. Therefore we have youth sit in the service with their families, worshiping and learning God's Word together. This is our way of discipling them, alongside adults, in preparation for their teen and young adult years. 

When service is over, all youth are invited upstairs to the youth room to discuss in a group what they learned and can apply from the sermon, and answer any other questions they may have.

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